LoopLink® GSE Documentation

Version 2.0 released 11/20/2017

LoopLink® GSE is a software service that enables companies to easily offer their customers a quick estimate of how much they can save using geothermal heating and cooling in their home.

LoopLink® GSE is specifically designed for companies and organizations trying to generate interest in residential geothermal heating and cooling systems through their website.

In a nutshell, companies build an interface for their website that submits a form to LoopLink® GSE. Once received, LoopLink® GSE finds where on earth the address is, calculates the weather for that location and then sends back an estimate of the cost, savings and carbon emissions for using geothermal in that space versus some conventional heating and cooling system.

Yes. LoopLink® GSE can perform calculations in IP or SI and contains weather data for locations all over the world. Our estimates are less accurate in areas with limited proximal weather stations but are extremely reasonable for population centers throughout the world.

If you are a company interested in adding LoopLink® GSE to your website, please contact Geo-Connections® at 866-995-4449.


The following resources are used by LoopLink® and are accessed by the GSE service.

Elevation Data GeoNames

Weather Data Weather Data Viewer 5.0 ©2013 ASHRAE, www.ashrae.org. Used with permission.